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Give today to support domestic violence survivors and their children!

Your support allows LACLJ to provide free, holistic legal services and education to vulnerable families in Los Angeles.

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Help domestic violence survivors build a safer future for themselves and their children!

LACLJ fights to make families safer and communities stronger. LACLJ attorneys are valuable advocates for survivors and immigrants as they seek to re-establish their long-term stability, safety and autonomy.

Domestic violence includes the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault or other abusive behavior typically between individuals in an intimate or familial relationship. As a result of domestic violence, survivors are often isolated from family and community supports, lack economic resources, and struggle to maintain housing or employment. Because batterers utilize power and control to manipulate survivors and their children, many survivors' relationships with their children are also threatened or harmed. Through the law, LACLJ strives to help survivors disentangle their lives from their abusers and reestablish stability and security.

Immigrant women are often trapped in situations that are dangerous to both them and their children. Out of fear of deportation and separation from their children, countless women remain in abusive relationships. Others have suffered sexual assault or other forms of violence. Language barriers, financial difficulties and low levels of education further deter these individuals from seeking the help and legal remedies that are available to them. By providing legal services to immigrant survivors of interpersonal violence, LACLJ helps them remain in the United States with their children legally and safely, and prevents children from unnecessarily entering foster care or remaining with their abusive parent.

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